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Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminal 4 “International Terminal” – Green

Fort Lauderdale Terminal 4 is called the International Terminal and represented by the green color.


From Terminal 4 are handled the non-precleared international arrivals and some international departures.


It is home of Concourse G (gates G1 to G6 and G9 to G14).


Concourse H has been recently reopened and it features brand new concessions such as a large concessions area and a connector bridge to Terminal 3.



Transfer to Terminal 3

Passengers are able to transfer straight to Terminal 3 by the connector bridge that joints them. Note that there’s no need to clear a second security check.




See the levels at Fort Lauderdale Terminal 4:


- Level 1: Arrivals and baggage claim area.

Services: Currency exchange, customer service desk, duty free stores, business center, baggage storage and check-in customs facilities.


- Level 2: Departures and check-in level.

The level has its check-in facilities split into the east and west sections, each for a different bunch of airlines.


Services: Currency exchange, ATMs, prepaid phone cards, US postage stamp machine, customer service desk, TSA security point and access to both Concourses G and H.




At Terminal 4 of Fort Lauderdale Airport is home of Concourse G, with boarding gates G10 to G14 and serving exclusively Spirit Airlines. Services: Free Wi-Fi, food, drink and retail concessions, seating area, charging stations.


On the other hand, Concourse H, which has been recently refurbished, has new 14 boarding gates. Please note that this concourse has US Customs. The concessions space is larger, including restaurants, bars and retail stores. As a new feature, there’s an automated baggage inspection system.



Flight Status

See the flight status at Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminal 4




The following services can be found in Fort Lauderdale Terminal 4:


- Currency exchange
- Customer service desk
- Duty free stores
- Business center
- Baggage storage
- Check-in customs facilities
- ATMs
- Prepaid phone cards
- US postage stamp machine
- TSA security point


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